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Eurobike inspiration

Last week we were visiting at Eurobike fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Our purpose was to explore other e-bike manufacturers and bike component suppliers in order to develop our cruiser even better. Also, we wanted to get information about the new trends and compare where we stand.

It was clear that different applications, and services through applications have increased. There are mobile applications and systems connected to bike motors and batteries. In addition, there are service providers which offer applications separately. The main point is that more information is wanted from the bikes and applications are used to add new features. For example tracking, route information and information of travelled trips are already available features. Also theft prevention has solutions through alarms and internet connection.

It was great to see offerings around cloud services and the solutions different operators offer for manufacturers and customers. This is because we are starting to develop our own cloud service, CruiserCLOUD. With the cloud service and internet connection we are able to bring new dimensions to the cruising and the graphic dashboard supports the features of cloud service during cruising. Also there is a possibility to have access on the cruiser features and information through different devices.

These are related to our aim which is to offer more than a vehicle to move one place to another. With the cloud service we are closer to what we aim for and that is cruising. Cruising for us means relaxed and easy driving with a technology that makes driving an experience.

What features/services do you think that cruiser should have through cloud service and internet connection?

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