The HansCruiser story

HansCruiser has started from the garage as well as many other successful ideas. Before the first HansCruiser many different electronic devices has been made in the garage as a hobby. For example lamps, electronic scooter, electronic bicycles and a tricycle have been made in the garage. Also the first HansCruiser was designed and made in the garage to make cycling more fun.

There was a lot time used in its design. The cruiser model was selected because of its relaxed driving position. The electronic motor was added to make pedaling more easier. This is where the HansCruiser started to pedal towards cruising.

The first HansCruiser has been cruising on the roads since 2015. To our surprise it draw a lot of attention and interest when we were cruising with it. Based on high popularity we decided to give also others a opportunity to enjoy cycling.

The first HansCruiser is a prototype and a base of the cruiser development. We chose the best features of the design and technology in order to make the driving experience even better. However, we stayed loyal with the design of the first HansCruiser. The ultimate driving experience is cruising for us. Cruising combines the features of easy, relaxed and technologically advanced way of cycling.

We believe all cycling should be cruising.


Our cruisers are reliable: they won’t leave you stranded. Trust is also an important principle in all of our activities. 

Premium Quality

Each HansCruiser is made with top-quality parts and crafted with love, care and attention to detail.


We’re continuously innovating to stay ahead of the curve with the manufacturing and features of the cruiser.